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Many regular sports bettors will be familiar with the idea of an accumulator bet, but a lot of people stick to straightforward single bets when perhaps they are missing out on the potential value of an accumulator (or ‘acca’) bet. We’re going to take a look at just how easy it is to place this type of wager at Bet365, and the potential advantages of doing so.

An accumulator bet which pays out when more than one result is correctly predicted. Let’s take the example of football betting as this is always a popular option. Imagine we believe that Newcastle, Arsenal and Spurs will all win their upcoming Premier League games.

acca bet pic 2

We choose the three winners, and next to each you can see the odds on offer for a win in each case. So if we bet £10 that Tottenham will win, we receive half (i.e. £5) plus our stake back giving us a total of £15. Let’s see what would happen if we bet £10 on each match:

acca bet pic 2

The three bets above are all Single bets, which means that each result is taken on an individual basis. If Spurs win we get our £15, a Newcastle victory earns us £62.50, and if Arsenal win we get £26.25. The total stake is £30 and we could win a total of £103.75 if all three games work out the way we want them too. If only Arsenal won then we would get £26.25 but lose out on our two £10 stakes for Spurs and Newcastle to give an overall profit of just £6.25.

Now let’s click on the Multiple Bets tab to see what other options we have got:

acca bet pic 3

The first bet we placed was a Singles Bet, which as we saw was £10 multiplied by 3 for each match. You could simply enter ‘10’ into the ‘Singles’ box above to make the same bet. However we are interested in the Accumulator Bet, which is saying that every result will go our way. As there are three games in our example, we choose the Trebles option, and enter our £30 stake here instead of the three separate £10 bets we made previously.

acca bet pic 4

Under the word Trebles you can see the odds on offer are 23.6 to 1 for our choices of Tottenham, Newcastle and Arsenal to win. For our £30 stake we could now win a total of £30 x 23.60 = £708, which is a considerable improvement on the £103.75 we would have earned if our three single bets all came in as winners.

Of course the catch here is that if even one of the three games does not go our way then we lose our entire £30 stake, so it is very much an all or nothing type of bet.

You should place an accumulator bet if you are feeling particularly confident about the outcome of multiple bets. Whether they are from the same sport does not matter at all. You can mix the events and times any way you want, so that for example one event could be happening months or even years after the other. An accumulator bet is a great option when there are very low priced bets on offer and the return on each individual one is hardly worth the effort of making the bet.

Another great advantage of placing an accumulator bet with Bet365 is that they now offer a Cash Out feature which allows you to cash out early if you want.

acca bet pic 5

So for example if the result of the first two matches have gone your way, you may hear that Arsenal have some injury concerns before the third game and so you can decide to take the money on offer without waiting for that game to be played. Bet365 will offer you a Cash Out amount which will naturally be less than the full amount you could win, but which could still net you a profit. The special ‘slider’ feature lets you choose to take some of your winnings early and to leave the rest, so you could ensure that you will at least get a small profit and still leave some of the money riding on the result of the last game.

As you saw from our example above, an acca bet can be a great way to maximise your winnings, and will mean that you won’t have that “if only…” feeling when your three single bets all win!

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